CALLING ALL SUBMISSIONS! You've decided to submit to the literary  magazine! That's great! We are accepting haikus, short stories, poems, essays, nonfiction, screenplays, videos, and all types of art. In order for us to receive your work, we need you to do a couple things. All submissions must be original. Email your submissions to Please photograph art pieces in front of a neutral background and submit to the same email. We value your creativity and expression; however, every submission must be school appropriate in topic matter and in word choice.

Our theme for our schoolwide Spring 2022 literary magazine is All Things Wild and Wonderful. You may be thinking, "Wow, that's cool!" or maybe you're confused by it. Don't worry! Check out our "Get Inspired" tab for literary prompts and art inspiration.


Note: our theme is mainly used for in-house design of the magazine spread, but we certainly welcome submissions that capture this theme, too. Don't feel you have to go by the theme to submit!

All submissions must be sent to with the following format:

In the body of the email please provide:

1. Title of the piece
2. Name of the author(s)
3. Author's first period
4. Name of the teach providing Extra Credit (if applicable)


Note: While ART can be saved as a PDF, any literature/ writing submission must be a Word/Google DOC.  Though we will try to keep your piece in tact, our literary team reserves the right to add light grammatical changes to your piece should it be needed.  No work with profanity or violence will be accepted.  While your work does not have to be on the theme, it will need to be RHS appropriate.  Thank you for working with us!

For all art - if not explicitly stated in your submission - we reserve the right to crop and edit your art in accordance to fit with the magazine while keeping the integrity of the piece intact.