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To pre-order the 2019 VOX, please print out the form below and bring it to E-105 or D-107!


Roswell High School | 11595 King Road, Roswell, GA 30075 |


Vox Pre-Order Form




Samira Bregeth, Advisor

We would like to offer you the opportunity to reserve copies of Roswell High School’s 2019 literary magazine Vox in advance! For this SPECIAL pre-order deal, you can get the VOX for only $9.00.   

During first semester, each student at Roswell High School will have the opportunity to submit his or her original artwork or written piece to our publication’s selection process. The Literary Magazine staff uses a rigorous process to determine which piece is published and how it is presented. Vox offers students a lasting memory of the total student body’s artistic voice and can be a treasured token of your loved one’s school year.


Once the magazine is completed second semester, you will be the first to receive your pre-ordered copy You can order multiple copies to share with family members and your community! When the magazine comes back from our publisher, we will deliver this special copy to your student.


Thank you for your support of Vox, and we look forward to hearing back from you!


*Please make checks payable to RHS and write Vox Literary Magazine in the memo line. You can send the check or cash, along with this form to the following address:

Roswell High School

Attn: Mrs. Samira Bregeth

11595 King Road

Roswell, GA 30075



Yes! I would like to pre-order ___________ copies of this year’s VOX literary magazine ($9 each),  and I have included cash or check #________(circle one) in the amount of _________ dollars.


Your Name:                            ______________________________________________________________


Phone Number AND Email: ___________________________                                                                 


Address: (If you would like the magazine shipped to you, we ask that you give an extra $3 donation to cover packaging and shipping. Thank you!)





Student’s Name:    __________________________________________


Student’s Grade:    _________            Student’s 4th Period teacher: _________________________

Student’s English Teacher: __________________________

Yes! I would like to make an additional donation to support the awesome student publication Vox:

$5                    $10                  $15                  $20                  other           (for larger donations, see Sponsor form)