Writing Prompts 

Demeter punished by the gods and sent to work in a food factory

Different authors (Hemingway, Hawthorne, Shakespeare) to explicitly explain what their writing and symbolism means; no more room for interpretation anymore

Demon gets sent to the Silver City for punishment, but ends up growing a soul and becoming God’s right hand

Person A walks up with a “Midas touch”, but with nature, not gold. Only person B seems to notice or know why

A boy, a loner, who hangs out in a graveyard, then one day realizes that certain spirits need their stories told, so they come out of their tombstones and he tells their stories through writing  



Botanist time travels to modern times and goes around the world, looking at it in disgust of the ecosystems

Lovers who reincarnates across history never together, but they have to fall in love all over again to remember. What happens when he remembers, but finds her on her wedding day none the wiser?

Struggling author gets haunted by a romantic from the Baroque period, someone who experienced love from after and tells her stories to publish