The Human Condition (2019 - 2020):

This magazine's production stretched over two school years! Roswell High School school was shut down just before this magazine could be completed, so the 2019 - 2020 staff passed on the torch to the staff of the following year. Staying as true to the original vision as possible the staff completed the magazine.
After the combined efforts of two years of Vox staff, The Human Condition received a  superior rating, the highest available, from the Georgia Scholastic Press Association.

Fulton County Award (2019 - 2020):

Award for Site.JPG

In response to The Human Condition receiving a Superior rating from the Georgia Scholastic Press Association, Fulton County recognized the Vox for their achievement. They were featured at a Virtual Board meeting to accept
this honorable reward.
Thank you to everyone who submitted work to the magazine and helped to make it what it was.

Twisted World (2020 - 2021) Rating:

IMG_9074 (1).JPG

Twisted World was the magazine made in response to the chaos that the pandemic caused on schools. Every classroom environment, including the Vox's, was distorted into something unrecognizable. Wanting to give a platform for all others that felt like this within Roswell High School is what led to this creation.
It was awarded an Excellent rating by the Georgia Scholastic Press Association. Thank you to everyone who helped make that vision come to life.