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Welcome to the Vox Literary Magazine's website!

Letter from the Chief:

Hello, I'm Erica Gibson the Editor-in-chief for the 2021-2022 year. Welcome to the Vox's website! We're glad to have you here. The Vox is a literary magazine founded in Roswell High School over 10 years ago. "Vox" means voice in Latin, and we aim to be a platform for voices to be heard. Our literary magazines take diverse submissions from poems to short stories and sculptures to digital art. And we're always interested in more! 

The theme for our Spring 2022 literary magazine is All Things Wild and Wonderful, which is meant to encapsulate these past few years and all the growth that has happened as a result. Some of it natural, some it forced, but all of it is wonderful.

Please enjoy our magazine when it goes on sale in April.

Coming Spring 2022

The Vox's
2021-2022 Staff:

Editor-in-Chief: Erica Gibson

Art Editors: Lilly Goldberg and Adeline Kovach

Design Editor: Susannah Stonebraker

Productions Editor: Tommy Coats

Tech Co-Editors: Levi Herring and Cade Peterson


Current News and Events

School Showcase:

Our goal is showcase the "voxs", or voices" of Roswell High School, even outside of the pages of our magazine. In honor of this goal, we'd love to showcase YOUR

work on our website! Submissions for online content is

accepted at any time throughout the year.

Submissions can be either literary or art.

For more information about this process please the visit the "School Showcase". We can't wait to hear from you!

Official Vox Email: