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The Human Condition (2019 - 2020) Rating:

The Georgia Scholastic Press Association rewarded this edition a Superior rating. This is the highest rank available! Congratulations to all the staff that worked on the magazine, from both last year and this year, this is the result of all that hard work.

The Human Condition can be viewed under the "Past Editions" page.


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Fulton County Award:

In response to the Human Condition receiving a Superior rating from the Georgia Scholastic Press Association, Fulton County recognized the Vox for their achievement. They were featured at a Virtual Board meeting to accept this honorable reward.

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The Vox's

2020 - 2021 Staff:

Co-Editor in Chiefs: Cole O'Donovan & Macey MacArthur

Art & Design Editors: Amira Daniel & Collise Scholes

Tech & Productions Editors: Erica Gibson & Tommy Coats